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“CrossFit itself is defined as that which optimizes fitness (constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity). CrossFit is also the community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together. In fact, the communal aspect of CrossFit is a key component of why it’s so effective.” – Courtesy of Crossfit Inc


Established in 2015, CrossFit Onerous is dedicated to improving the lives of the Southeastern Ohio region through exciting, results-driven, high intensity group training.  Realizing the need for an alternative to the traditional workout routine in Southeastern Ohio, CrossFit Onerous’ mission is to create a “community of fitness” through the CrossFit discipline to anyone – from ages 8 to 80 who are in shape, out of shape, or wanting a different shape – interested in escaping the “norm.”


Our certified trainers are passionate about driving you to achieve your fitness goals through safe, effective, yet challenging group sessions that utilize everyday movements to improve overall strength and conditioning.  We urge you to stop in anytime to give it a shot…but we’ve been told CrossFit is addicting, don’t say we didn’t warn you!!!



Doug Hartley

A few years ago I found myself brand new to CrossFit and doing an express drop-in class in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I fell in love right away!  The closest CrossFit boxes were 30 minutes away, but I attended as often as I could.  After learning more and being asked to open a box in Cambridge, my step-brother (Coach Eric Johnson) decided we could make it happen with one of our company's old warehouses, and did.  I love working out and pushing myself, but I could have never imagined how good it would feel to help others get better and do things they never thought possible.  I've watched so many people become more fit, more confident and overall more happy with themselves because of CrossFit.  I now have a Level 1 and Level 2 certification for coaching CrossFit and have hundreds of new friends!  Our goal is to help people get more fit and have fun doing it.


Meghan Wagner

I started crossfit in March of 2015.  I really believed that I was in some of the best shape of my life.  I had spent months training for a marathon and ran in the Columbus marathon in October of 2014.  Starting crossfit, I was very skeptical because I didn’t understand how something that used weightlifting and bodyweight training could compare to the cardio workout I got while running.  I quickly learned that it didn’t compare.  I learned that it was far more intense.    The constantly varied workouts help me to target every part of my body and maintain my cardio.  I have loved the workouts ever since.  Crossfit has changed my physical and mental well being.  I am far more productive at home, at work, and as a mother. When I was offered the opportunity to coach crossfit, I couldn’t have been more excited. I am an Intervention Specialist so the love of teaching has always been a part of who I am.  Watching people progress, and building many new friendships, has been such a blessing.

Dan Hockenberry

I first found CrossFit in 2012. I immediately enjoyed the way it brought back memories of my many years of wrestling practices. I had been doing CrossFit on and off at home before becoming a member at Onerous in March 2015. I quickly fell in love with the community aspect that I had yet to discover prior to Onerous. Without expecting it, I soon found it very rewarding to help other members work on form and movements. My next move was to complete my L1 CrossFit course to become a coach. The thing I enjoy the most about CrossFit is not necessarily hitting a PR of my own, but helping someone else accomplish something that they (at some point) thought was impossible.


I first tried Crossfit in April of 2015. I had always been active, including running multiple half marathons and even a full marathon as well as weight lifting. Going to my first free trial at Crossfit Onerous, I didn't think I would have any trouble because I felt like I was in really good shape. I thought wrong....it was HARD! I wasn't exactly hooked after my visit but just two months later I gave it another shot and became a member. It quickly became addicting. I could go to class, get away for an hour, and leave everything at the door when I walked in. It wasn't just about improving my physical health, it was mental therapy for me. I had been a member consistently for about two years when I became a coach.  I work full time doing Physical Therapy and when CFO needed another coach it made sense for me to apply my skills and help the athletes at CFO as well. Coaching has given me a completely different perspective of Crossfit. When an athlete achieves something new or improves a movement/skill, it's a win as a coach too. I am so thankful I decided to join CFO because it has become a big part of my life.

Britt Starr

  • 1st Place CrossFit Team Series--Team Reebok East (2014)
  • 5th Place Reebok CrossFit Games Individual (2014)
  • 2nd Place Central East Regional (2014)
  • 5th Overall Worldwide CrossFit Open (2014)
  • 4th Place Reebok CrossFit Games Individual (2013)
  • 2nd Place Central East Regional (2013)
  • 4th overall Worldwide CrossFit Open (2013)
  • 4th Place Reebok CrossFit Games Individual (2012)
  • 5th Place Central East Regional (2012)
  • 27th Overall Worldwide CrossFit Open (2012)
  • 2 Division III National Championships as a running back for The University of Mount Union

Scott Panchick

CFMentality Co-Owner, Co-Founder, Lead Programmer and Coach

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Competitor

-Bachelor of Science in Health & Physical Education (K-12)


Athletic Achievements

6 Time, top 6 finisher at the Reebok CrossFit Games

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