So what can you expect your first Crossfit Onerous class?


I guess the easiest way to put it is…it probably won’t be what you expect.  No, you won’t hurt yourself or throw up during your first session.  This is your chance to watch others and learn the movements from our great instructors.   Yes, you will work hard.  While we want to gradually get you acclimated to the program, Crossfit is most likely different then any workout you’ve done before, and that in and of itself makes it challenging.  There’s a good chance you’ll be tired and sore during the first week, but your family at Crossfit Onerous will be behind you encouraging you every step of the way.   For more details regarding getting started and what to expect, here’s an article from HuffPo that should help give a snapshot of the program. Bottom line, come in, have fun, and challenge yourself to hit all of your goals with our instructors and participants…our Cultmunity (see below)!


Since we’re on the subject of getting started, let’s address some of the myths / reasons many folks might avoid Crossfit, including:


I Don’t Do CrossFit Because:


1. CrossFit is dangerous / I’ll get hurt: CrossFit is based not only on movement, but movements you do in everyday life.  At Onerous, our trainers stress the importance of great form to avoid injury and to achieve optimum results.


2. CrossFit is a cult:  We’re not really a cult, we’re a community…so we’re a Cultmunity.  The camaraderie experienced as you achieve your workout goals in a group setting is one of the biggest takeaways of the CrossFit experience.  Even if you don’t think it’s for you, give it one session and we’ll change your mind.


3. You have to be in great shape to do CrossFit:  Actually, you don’t have to be in any shape to do CrossFit.  All you have to be is open minded, willing to learn, and ready to change your life.


4. CrossFit is just a fad: At Onerous, we stress if done correctly, CrossFit is a lifestyle, not a workout.  Although “CrossFit” was officially established in 2000, certain elements of the discipline have been around for decades, so we’re pretty sure it’s here to stay.


5. Crossfit is too expensive:  Maybe.  The truth is compared to the traditional “workout / gym” experience the discipline of Crossfit isn’t necessarily cheap, but that’s only part of the story.  In a traditional gym you are simply paying to use the facilities, and once you add regular personal training into the mix to make sure you’re maximizing your workout, the costs skyrocket.  With Crossfit, you have your own personal trainer encouraging and monitoring you in every session, reducing injuries and boosting results.  Additionally, Crossfit is a full body workout that stresses functional movement and core strength, so you’ll never be bored with the same workout you often experience at traditional gyms.  The bottom line, Crossfit isn’t for every budget, but we encourage you to research all your options and stop by for a session with the Onerous family to see if it’s right for you.


We could go on, but we’re also a bit biased.  Still on the fence?  Stop in anytime to see for yourself.  Your first session is on us!



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